We Had a Party

The plan for Monday was:


What happened on Monday was:

 The little ones got up and planned a party in the dining room.  Cranium Hullaballo, a book nook (for those tired of noisy play, tug of war (spelled tug-a-war), I-Spy, pin the arrow on the target, prizes (pick a piece of a tea set from the box) and treats (homemade pretzels by Mom).

They worked for 3 hours setting it up.  There was no earthly way I was interrupting that activity for any pre-planned school I had on the schedule.  But the older girls did their independent school work as I did chores and the littles prepared.

They even had admission tickets cut with fancy scissors.

We timed the party so that it would end at lunch time (I was caterer).

We ate off our tea-party prize dishes.

After lunch I called the older girls to work together on our New Testament studies.  From my seat at the table I could see the blue sky and flittering birds.  I got very itchy to ditch the errands and get out!  As the girls finished their summaries of the story of the woman at the well, I checked out the weather forecast--would this weather hold for a few days?


Temperatures are to drop and the sky is to get cloudy.

At 2:36 I informed the kids they had exactly 9 minutes to get on boots and coats and get in the van.

H4 had a tantrum.

We made it to the car and were on our way in 19 minutes.

Not bad for 8 people--one of whom threw a tantrum.

We set out with light hearts (and some sniffling).

The hiking trails were closed.
We decided to go to the nature center.
We got lost on the way to the nature center.
We found our way to the nature center.
The nature center was closed.
The nature center hiking trails were not.

We hiked.

Not very far.  Just far enough to find the giant limestone rock outcropping that is a favorite place to play.  I watched as a darkness fell from my children's faces revealing their sweet inner light again. 

Tension drained. 
Laughter rang. 
Bodies worked.

All too soon the sun got low in the sky and we headed home.

Pancakes for supper.

I made them as E13 finished her math at the kitchen island, J10 started a fire in the wood-burning stove, the littles played a game comprehensible only to the very young, and M11 and S11 painted their nails while talking girly talk to one another.

I'm glad we went with plan B today.


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