I don't know.

I don't know how we're going to keep doing "school."

Three pipes in our old house burst sometime today or yesterday.  We were just there on Tuesday, and everything was fine, so we know it was yesterday or today.  Our good neighbor noticed the sound of water trickling as she walked out to her car.  She went over to investigate and found water dripping out of the exterior walls of the house. 

She called us immediately.

My husband has been up at the house for 10 hours tearing up sodden carpet, cutting out soaked drywall, and using a couple of borrowed shop-vacs to get up the water.

We're supposed to have the house ready for our tenants in 2 weeks. 

We're under contract.

We were on track to have the work done in the nick of time, but now . . .

I don't know when my husband will actually go to his job (he had to call in tonight).  I don't know when he will sleep (he's been up for over 28 hours straight).  I don't know how we will afford the repairs.  I don't know how we will get the extra work done on time.

I don't know anything right now.


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