I specifically got up early this morning to catch up on homeschooling blog posts written by other mothers that I admire and by whom I am inspired.

I felt the need for inspiration.

Though a few days ago my brain was busily working out problems and goals for the rest of our academic year, I'm now having panic attacks.

I feel so incompetent.

And reading about other people's goals and accomplishments didn't lift or inspire me the way I'd hoped. I had to STOP reading and just breathe.

We've only lived in this house for a month--not quite a month actually.  Though I've been intentionally watching and making notes about what housekeeping needs to be done and when and how to establish routines that work for us, we're still climbing the learning curve.  The idea of adding school is overwhelming.

But the kids need it!

They're asking for it!

I want to climb into bed and pull the covers over my head.

Even though I love my family, love my new house, love learning with my children.

The older ones know how to work independently.  The little ones just want some attention from me.  We have devotional supplies already on hand.

It should be easy!

It feels so hard.

Today is our second day of practicing with our new chore chart.  That's all we really have to do.  Then the day is open for us to fill as we see fit.  (I'm sewing sit-upons for my new calling as Nursery Leader in our ward and making homemade pizzas because we really, really, really want to reestablish our old tradition of Friday Night Pizza Night).

Maybe it's just because so many of our school supplies are still missing in boxes.

I'll bet if I spent 2 hours today doing some organizing I'd feel better . . .


  1. Hi, Anne! :) It's Tina of Truly Rich Mom. I thought I'd drop by your blog after reading your comment on SimpleHomeschool. I know exactly how it feels to read about other homeschoolers' accomplishments, etc. while I myself am struggling or even tempted to give up. Praying for you and your family! Sending you virtual hugs from the Philippines! This, too, shall pass!


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