Sharing What Works--General Conference Snippets

We have a devotional during breakfast each day.  I eat earlier than the kids because I get up earlier than they do, and I wake up hungry.  Because my mouth is not full, and the kids' mouths are full, breakfast is an ideal time for me to do a little preaching. :)

Right now I'm sharing highlights from General Conference.  Every day I read a story from a talk or briefly share doctrinal points that seem relevant at the moment. 

Without fail I get choked up as I read and bear testimony of the truths of the gospel.  The kids are getting used to tears with their breakfast. 

Some days I have to remind the kids to be polite.

Some days they join in and share relevant primary/church/YW/personal scripture study experiences that turn our devotional into a wonder of shared testimonies.

What will we do when we have finished all of the talks?  I'm not sure.  But I have shelves full of inspiring reading, and I'm sure I'll find something to keep the fires burning until the next General Conference (in April!).


  1. I love this! We've done some General Conference review before and count down to each one.


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