Schedules--Now What?!?!

Local schools are cancelled because of extreme cold.  We, however, are building a rip-roaring fire and getting down to business.

But how?

I've tried hard-core scheduling--a place for everything and everything in its place.

We accomplished a lot.  I consider it a failure because I lost my ability to be flexible, and I was hurrying kids through activities just to stay on schedule. 

I've tried having a very open these-things-happen-in-this-general-time-frame schedule.

I didn't feel the terrible pressure I did when we had a formal schedule, which made for happier, more relaxed days, but it was loose enough that I failed to keep some of my promises.  The kids' feelings were hurt, and they felt the loss of accomplishment.

I need enough accountability to do what needs to be done and enough flexibility to not lose it when my toddler empties the water jug--again.

We're in year 11 of homeschooling.  You'd think I'd be better at this by now!!!


I'm making a list of what should be done and the order in which we'll do it.  The stuff we must do to keep from losing our minds will be early in the schedule, meals will give us a framework, and good stuff will be in the afternoon when we're kind of tired.

Here's a tentative schedule for me:

Early mornings--personal devotional time, exercise, computer time, personal hygiene, supervise older kids' chores
Breakfast and family devotional
Send older kids off to do independent schoolwork
Help little kids get dressed and do their chores
Pre-preschool with I2 (approx 15 minutes)
Preschool with H4 (approx 30 minutes--I2 and A6 often join us)
Reading/writing with A6
Choose 1 or 2 family learning activities: 
     Nature outing
     Science lesson
     History lesson
     Community service
     Geography lesson
     Piano lessons (we're getting a piano again--soon!)
     Thursdays: we'll attend our song/dance group rehearsals
Free time for kids, afternoon chores for me (laundry, dinner prep, etc) and/or personal study time for me
Quick house pick up
Dinner and family devotional
Kitchen clean up and/or evening church activities
Get ready for bed
Evening read aloud time

Twice a month we have our science club that meets in the mornings, so this schedule is interrupted, but reading this makes me breathe a little easier. 

We can do this.
We can do this.
We can do this . . .


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