Wednesday Was an Outing Day

We had a science club meeting yesterday, but it wasn't science themed.  We do a few service projects each year, and yesterday we made valentines for Meals on Wheels recipients.

When 180 was revealed as the goal for the number of valentines to make, the littles were unaffected.  They set to work making wonderful works of art one precious project at a time.  The older kids, however, got together and set up an assembly line. 

One person folded the paper.
Another placed stickers.
Two more did hand-drawn decorations.
Another wrote "Happy Valentine's Day!"
And yet another added a little bling to make them sparkle.

Last year a few kids formed an assembly line, but they produced inferior quality products which had to be altered by some of this year's assembly line members.  The kids were very concerned that the cards were lovely as well as quickly produced.

I'm proud of them for caring.

Later we headed to Salvation Army to look for shoes for A6.  However, as we walked in we found 3 sequined cocktail dresses just begging to be purchased (and altered for modesty) for the upcoming homeschool association winter family dance themed "HOLLYWOOD."  So we spent time trying on dresses, buying accessories and making plans. 

Then we searched for shoes.

We found shoes for H4 and S11,who needed shoes too, but none for A6--who is my main concern.  I may have to break down and buy her new shoes if I can't find any in the thrift stores soon.

Then we headed off to a meeting for E13 and her friend B14 to plan their session for teaching our science club.  They're just past the age of being interested in participating, so they're getting to sit in dual roles this year--as members of the club and as leaders, too.  They'll earn a leadership badge in addition to the regular science and service badges, and that will be their "graduation."

They chose to teach about the endangered Hine's Emerald Dragonfly. 

They're going to do a great job. :)

My favorite memory of the afternoon was when E13 and B14 had settled what they wanted to accomplish and were quietly studying their fact sheets--highlighting, making notes, and otherwise being very focused on learning.  The two moms were busy jumping all over the internet finding teaching ideas and exclaiming, "Ooh!  This would be fun!"  "What do you think of this?"  "What about that?"

Eventually we got a clue and settled down so the kids could work.

The afternoon wound down to dinner, scriptures, prayers, tidying the house, baths, jammies, and evening reading. 

A social day.
A busy day.
A good day.


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