Mid Week--

We are nearly done with The Fellowship of the Ring--just 7 pages to go.

The kids are dying because the ring is no closer to destruction than it was 498 pages ago.  Some of them want me to read The Two Towers, and some of them want a break.

I'm on the fence.

But I have a couple of days to decide.  We'll finish the book tonight.  Tomorrow is the big Homeschool Family Dance, so we won't be reading at bedtime.  Saturday will be the day of reckoning.

Yesterday was our science club meeting.  The big kids learned about women innovators.  The little kids learned about our home state--making a poster-sized map with various pictures to represent our state bird, seal, tree, flower, animal, capital, and various other special facts.

After that we went to the library.

Then we watched Despicable Me 2 while I hemmed the curtains I still owe J10's horseback riding instructor.  I'm having to hand hem them because of the thickness of the fabric.  We've never seen Despicable Me 2, and it just came through at the library, so we took an afternoon off for fun.  It was fun!  Daddy wants to watch it with us, so we're going to watch it again for Family Night after church on Sunday.

Tuesday was a regular school day for us.  Nothing exciting or new.  Nothing bad happened either.  Just plodding along on a dreary January day. 

Today is dance practice.  We're going to cram as much school in as we can this morning before we leave.

On our way home we're stopping at a thrift store so E13 can find some fancy shoes for the dance on Friday.  She's a couple months away from being allowed to wear heels, so she's struggling with finding flats that make her feel pretty.  I'm dying to give in, but I know that if I give in she'll use it against me later when I try to hold on to other standards that are far more important than wearing high heels.  I wish it weren't so, but it is.

7:45 am  I've studied the scriptures, fed I2, sewed for an hour on the curtains, answered emails, read some blogs, and fed myself.

I2 has wreaked havoc by losing one of the borrowed bobbins I'm using to complete the curtains.

A6 is reading and drawing on the couch.

M11 has showered and is working long on her personal hygiene.

S11 is building a fire in the wood-burning stove.

E13 . . . I'm not sure what she's doing.  I hope she's up.  I turned her light on 45 minutes ago.

J10  . . . I'm not sure what she's doing either.  I also hope she's up.  She's supposed to empty the dishwasher within the next few minutes.

H4 is asleep.

My sweetheart is home from working all night on our other house.  The tenants are supposed to move in on Saturday.  He's been hauling trash to the dump, painting, patching, cleaning, and building a screen for the bedroom window.  He left at 2 pm yesterday.  He's been home for an hour, but hasn't put in an appearance upstairs yet because he's unloading the van and generally cleaning up.  He'll be quite hungry.  I hope he sleeps well today.

Time to get going . . .


  1. I can so relate to sweet E13. I remember the shoes I fell in love with before I could wear heels. I still have moments when I think of them. Now it is with a smile. There are always cute shoes. Right now I am obsessing overdone boots. I wonder if I'll still think about them in five years with longing. Silly. :)

  2. Over some. Dang that auto correct. The Two Towers is huge. I read those books in college.


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