The Sun is Still Shining

So, that weather forecast that predicted wind and clouds and falling temperatures for today?

Not true.

It is clear and brisk and beautiful.

Last night my sweetheart asked, "I'd really like to watch It's a Wonderful Life with the kids before it has to go back to the library.  When do you think we could do that?"

My brain buzzed with possibility.

"How about tomorrow morning when they usually are doing school?  I can do the grocery shopping that I blew off today, and you guys can have a date!"

So that's what we did.

After lunch, when I was supposed to send them off to their rooms to do some schoolwork, I offered the kids a deal, "You can do regular school or you can go up to the soccer field with me and play for an hour."

They chose to play.

But we only made it 45 minutes. 

We're winter weak right now.

The girls actually said, "I think I'll go in and do some school now."


But I'm tired, too.  So I understand where they're coming from.

It was really fun to play soccer with the kids.  They're fast, but I have better endurance.  They have better footwork and are gutsier than I am.  Endurance didn't mean squat in our games today. 

They loved to kick the ball and watch me run after it. 
They loved stealing it from me. 
They howled with laughter when I tried to block them from taking the ball from me.
They schemed to get me to play goalie (and then were shocked when I blocked 4 goals in a row!)
I2 laughed when I scooped him up in my arms and ran after the ball with him--though he's a big boy, and I didn't run far!

Days like this feed my soul.


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