Moments That Made Me Happy

I opened J10's Book of Mormon journal just to mark her most recent entry.  Though I offered the girls the choice between summarizing what they've read and copying a meaningful scripture, they've chosen the copywork every time.  J10 chooses scriptures of such majesty that my heart is lifted each time I read the ones she chooses . . . even though I've just read the same ones myself a few hours earlier.  There's something about knowing what touched her heart that touches mine as well.

This is H4 "reading," marking her scriptures and taking notes.  The example of the older kids is amazing!

E13 has been giving the littles their baths at night.  She's a hilarious bath buddy--telling stories and leading the little guys into their jammies with a Pied Piper-esqe-ness that never fails to amaze me.

We received the most marvelous gift of a 1/4 size violin this week.  M11 had been teaching A6 and H4 how to play it.  A6 already had grand plans to perform in the homeschool talent show coming up in February.  She says, "Do you want to hear me play the violin?  I'm really good!"

I think it is just barely 7 am--I made her wait that long before starting to practice that first morning.

The older four love, love, love the Landmark history book we're reading.  When I tried it 5 years ago, they hated it.  I'm so glad I didn't give it away.  I'm so glad I was prompted to pull it out again.  I'm so glad to hear their exclamations of delight/horror/dismay/astonishment as I read aloud about our nation's history.

H4 learned from her Daddy how to cut out a circle from the center of  a shape without cutting through the shape.  I've showed her countless times, but she always fell apart and said, "You do it for me, Mom!"  I had to take a phone call during her preschool time yesterday, and when I came back into the room, she was happily cutting out the center of a letter "P"  "Daddy did the mommy 'P' and I'm doing the baby 'p,' " she said happily."  Whether it was quality of instruction or simply fine motor skills development, I'm quite pleased with how pleased she is with her new skill.

This series of pictures is not from cutting out letter P, but is from our two "O is for Owl" days:

And going further back in time is our "N is for Nails" activity out in the garage on a freezing cold January morning:

I2 loves to help me cook.  Yesterday he kept pulling a chair from the table, and I kept thinking it was so that he could climb up to get into the snack cupboard.  I put the chair back twice before he burst into tears.  Somehow his tears gave me pause enough to figure out that I was rolling pretzel dough and he wanted to help.  I got the chair, set him up, and . . . magic . . . we had a fine time stretching dough together.

S11 has been writing stories for a story competition.  She works in her free time and is ever so diligent.  It is time for me to help her edit and submit her story.  Win or lose, I'm quite proud of her hard work.

The kids have rediscovered BBC Dance Mat Typing.  Everyone (except E13 :( ) takes turns practicing their skills.  I love to watch A6's sweet, pudgy fingers dance carefully across the keys.

M11 has been doing hair.  I looooove to be her client. 

This is M11--she did her own hair!

But today is Saturday . . . and we have our Saturday work and play ahead. 

Time to regroup and breathe a little before a new week begins.


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