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A Week, Briefly (10/7/19)

General Conference!

Three whole sessions' worth on Saturday!  Normally, Sir Walter Scott would have kept the littlest ones at home while I took the girls 8-and-up to the church to watch the General Women's Broadcast, but he'd forgotten to request the day off, so we stayed home.  I offered the little guys the choice between being tucked in first or staying up to watch the third session of the day.

They all chose to stay up.

But only Baymax actually stayed awake for the whole session.


After a huge treat of a breakfast, two more sessions of General Conference kept us busy all day, and we celebrated the end of it with a family campfire.

We had a good, solid school day.

The teens and I read 50+ pages of The Book Thief.

We finished up our color exploration in Academy with color-mixing sensory bags that were a lot of fun!!!

At first I was a little bit stingy with the color, but then I got more generous, and the sun coming through these bags created sparkling …

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