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2 Weeks, Briefly (2/10/20 and 2/17/20)

We are recovering.

It felt like influenza, but it was shorter-lived.

Whatever it was, it was dreadful, and I'm glad to see the back of it . . . even if we are left with treating asthma flare-ups and boggling levels of sinus drainage.

I was knocked out flat the longest (thank goodness for Sir Walter Scott's PTO!), but Baymax has been by far the most ill--his fever sat at 105+ for over 18 hours despite every medication, every effort we made to cool him down.  At the end of that worst day, he finally fell asleep sandwiched between ice packs.  I am so grateful for the priesthood blessing that precipitated the decline of that fever!

He is, however, still quite ill.

Other than Morning Meeting, which we managed to have 4 times during our sick week, and one day of Academy reading, we didn't have any of our regular school.  We did watch a lot of National Geographic documentaries/series and hours of a gardening show on Netflix.

Thus far, the teens have managed to avoid this illness…

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