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A Week, Briefly (11/12/18)

On Saturday I started to panic at having 10 little kids at home (our babysittees were over) when temperatures were below 20.  So I packed everyone up in their warmest woolies and spent the day at the zoo.

I calmed down as soon as we pulled out of the driveway, and we all had a grand time.

The best part was a call from a far away friend who thought she was asking me for a favor but really was doing me the favor of listening and asking questions that showed she cared.

I talked while the kids ran around the various zoo parks.

Such a blessing!

I spent Sunday in bed with that horrid first day of a cold that left me weak, weepy, and worn out.  How thankful I am for Sir Walter Scott!  He took 8 kids to church by himself (the teens were also sick at home) and managed the household for the whole day so that I could sleep and drink herbal tea and read books in bed.

I stayed sick the whole week (still have a stuffy/runny nose and mild cough), but at least I was up and functioning each day--I giv…

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