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A Week, Briefly (1/4/21)

 Well, Sir Walter Scott felt sick on Saturday night.  On Sunday he ran over to the hospital for a covid test (available to staff), and it came back positive!   Mine came back positive the next morning!   He was more tired than I was.   But I had a runnier nose and more of a cough.   We figure the runny noses and coughs that all of the kids had were also covid . . . but we're not testing all of the kids.   Super Star felt sick this week and got a test; her test came back negative.   So she waited 2 days and got tested again . . . negative!   How crazy is that?!?!?   Maybe we should test everyone . . . but we all feel better, so I don't think it's worth it.   Little Mister Frog was sick with us, so, with our enthusiastic consent, his mom brought him over all week.  She and her partner had covid back in the spring, and they've stayed healthy through it all.    The Munchkin's family opted to stay clear of us (I don't blame them!) and Dad has reported that the famil

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