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A Week, Briefly (5/13/19)

My favorite math story of the week is courtesy of Baymax.  His preschool book asked him to stack 5 pennies on a number 5.  He did so.  Then he was supposed to stack 6 pennies on a 6.  He started to count, stopped, pulled the stack of 5 pennies off the 5 and added 1 more to make 6.  He smiled in a satisfied way and wiggled his eyebrows as if to say, "Aren't I the clever one?"

I laughed out loud.

Then I told him to put 7 pennies on the number 7, so he moved the stack and added one more.

I'd say he's got preschool math totally under control!

We finished Academy.

Little Princess finished memorizing a set of Chinese flashcards along with the accompanying songs included on the pronunciation CD.

Brother finished The Cat in the Hat.

Beowulf finished The Good and the Beautiful Level K Primer.

Nature Angel finished her Oak Meadow History/Language Arts program.

She also finished her Greek studies.

The teens and I finished Dracula and attended our book club meeting.  The ki…

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