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A Week, Briefly (Summer is not over)

Last August I was not ready for school to start, but I did it anyway because I thought I should.

And in September I had mental health crisis of the most serious kind.

This August I am not ready for school to start.

And I'm honoring that.

However, I am ready to document brief moments of the beautiful learning that my kids engage in when I'm not running school.

This week Rose Red is in Florida at a surfing camp.  She's with a sweet friend.  I could not be happier for her to have this experience away from home, at the beach, out-of-doors, physically active, and just plain cool.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a quarter of a credit of P.E.

The rest of us are at home.  My teens are reveling in their last days of bizarre teen sleeping schedules before early morning seminary begins next week.

Pixie has been working on memorizing the dances she's choreographed for our dance team.  She'll be teaching the 10-12 year olds and dancing with the 12-17 year olds.  She's …

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