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Assessment, Fall 2017--The Preschoolers

Typically, I'd keep up our homeschooling pattern into December and then do some sort of mid-year evaluation for the kids over the Christmas holiday.

But I'm not feeling that this year.

I'm mentally ready to end our current pattern after this week, celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and then move the Elementary 8 into a season of Advent.

(The teens have their own agendas.  I'll surely be inviting them to put their studies aside and join us, but I can already hear their answers . . . and I'm sure they'll be pushing themselves through their regular work.)

For the past two years, our most recently adopted crew have spiraled into frenzied states of misery at the holiday season, and they've whirled us into their personal storms.  I'm fairly desperate to keep that from happening again.  Prayerfully, I've been researching ways to lovingly replace their panic with peace.

It may not happen all at once, but I hope the season ahead can at least be more peacefu…

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