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A Week, Briefly (1/14/19)

Last weekend the predicted 1-3" of snow accumulation turned out to actually be 6-11".  And it was a good, wet, packing snow that was fun to play in almost all week . . . before the kids wore the snow down to the mud, and sledding had to stop.

The dryer almost never stopped running because in addition to all of our regular laundry, I'd throw a couple of loads of coats and bibbies in after the morning play, so they'd be dry in time for an afternoon play, and I'd throw in another couple of loads before bedtime, so the clothes would be dry for the next morning play.

Belle's afternoon at the farm was cancelled--not much to do when the farm is sleeping under a thick blanket.

But Pixie went to dance 3 nights and started her American History class at the community college.  The teacher is totally happy to use the tech available to him, so she's learning how to navigate Blackboard in addition to learning the ropes of a new class and new teacher.

MOCSA and therapy…

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