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A Week, Briefly (1/11/21)

 We are cleared of covid, so normal activities resumed--therapy, work, and more babies. It made it harder to keep up our outdoor adventures. Before they came back, we still hiked 3.8 miles on Monday at Watkins Mill and another 2 miles on Tuesday at Longview Lake, so we added 5.8 miles to our total for the year. 10.5 + 5.8 = 16.3 miles this year We took our time, stopping to observe and play as much as we wanted to along the way. Monday There were hundreds of Canada Geese on the ice.  They are a typical sight here, but en masse like this, they were breathtaking.  Under this overlook, the river was frozen solid.  The kids went down and skated for half an hour or more.  Sir Walter Scott and I, along with Little Mister Frog, stayed off the ice. We were specifically on the hunt for Bald Eagles that migrate across our area this time of year.  It took the whole walk but as we reached the dam at the bottom of the lake, we spotted 2 eagles, flying so high it was hard to see their white heads. 

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