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A Week, Briefly (9/14/20)

On Saturday of last week, Sir Walter Scott had his last vacation day of the week Pixie left for college (we weren't certain how she was going to go back or if she was going to go back, so he took the week off to cover all eventualities).  He took 5 of the kids on an 8 mile bike ride!
Lola is our only little one who can't ride a 2-wheeler, so she stayed home with me and a couple of bigger kids, and helped make dinner--even getting to flip the pancakes herself.  
She was so very proud!
In my mind is the picture Sir Walter Scott painted of little Baymax plugging along on his little red bike for 8 whole miles.
The kids came home, ate ravenously, and slept hard that night.
The new week was full of activity.
We had park dates on Monday and Tuesday, which meant adjusting our schedule to make room for friends.

Mr. S-- continues to be an asset to our household.  I'm still feeling the effects of a "stranger" in the house so often, but he's a blessing.  
My favorite interactio…

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