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Review: Imagine . . . The Great Flood

It was fun to introduce Imagine . . . The Great Flood by Matt Koceich to my kids.  It's the first in a series of Biblical time-travel adventure books targeting kids ages 8-12 available from Barbour Publishing.

It arrived in the mail the very day our annual Cousins' Camp ended.  It had been a wonderful 5 days, but with high adventure activities every day, long days, and the let down of saying goodbye to beloved cousins, everyone was both exhausted and sad.

I handed it to Nature Angel (10 years old, average reader).

"Here.  Climb in bed and see what you think of this.  You can nap if you prefer," I said to her.

She took it, and I ran off to my dentist appointment.

I got home hours later (ugh!), and the first words Nature Angel said to me were, "I read the whole thing just today!  It is great!  It is so good!!!!!!"

Later that day Mister Man (5 years old, advanced reader) was sent to his room for teasing, and I, knowing he needed some alone time, handed him th…

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