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A Week, Briefly (12/9/18)

It was as close to ordinary a week as we are likely to have for quite some time.

I'll call that a blessing.

We had Morning Meeting every day, including a wall mural of a portion of the Revelation of John, and the finishing of the New Testament portion of The Bible for Children.

We had 5 Symposiums which included working on a biographical essay, grammar, punctuation, another watercolor pencil art project, lots of North American geography, and finishing Sagebrush Surgeon.

We had no Academies, but we are continuing to have lunch time read alouds.  This week we finished The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and began The Other Wise Man.

Nature Angel, Little Princess, and I completed 2 more lessons (5 stories) in Greek Mythology.

We watched The Nutcracker, performed by the Colorado Ballet.  It was exquisite.  I hope we can wrangle enough kids at our house to continue to qualify for this school outreach privilege.  We barely qualified this year with 10 kids at home!

 Brother read a story alou…

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