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A Week, Briefly (9/17/18)

I'm still working on making our days/weeks actually manageable.

Until then, we continue in survival mode.

We had 3 Symposium meetings this week, during which we finished up our Language Arts Unit 1, reviewed ser and estar as well as learned some new ways to use both verbs and did some Book of Mormon translation for Spanish, and we completed Week 5 in History.  The girls have a fair amount of Language Arts homework over the weekend to make up for the short week of meetings.

We finished reading Little Women on Monday and had our book club meeting on Friday.

There is a hole in our days without Little Women.  It is not a time hole, as there is plenty to fill the time we took to read each day; it is an emotional hole.  The kids feel it, and I feel it, and I'd like very much to throw something else out the window and find another read aloud that bound us together the way Little Women did.

The book club meeting was the most fun we've had so far.  Many of the kids expressed a pre…

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