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2017-18 End of Year Assessment: Rose Red

Rose Red turned 18 this year, and she opted to exercise control over her own life by refusing to finish school.

She started the year 3 credits shy of being eligible for graduation.  (3 credits shy of our state minimum for public school graduation)

She earned 1 credit in the first semester.

A cobbled-together credit comprised of simply meeting the minimum standard of 130 hours of academic work.  It covered literature, history, some Spanish, a bit of math, some P.E. and some expository writing.

Between January and now (mid-July), she's worked on her education for 116.5 hours.  Those hours include some literature, a great deal of history (an entire OYC lecture set about ancient Greece), and some P.E.

I'm just going to hold on to those 116.5, allowing her to add to them until they equal 130. 

When she finishes her remaining 130 hours, I'll issue her a diploma.

I'd like to say I'm being cool and calm about it all--and outwardly I am--but inside I want so badly for my g…

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