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A Week, Briefly (7/8/19)

The week started hard.

But it got better.

I spent the whole day taking care of medical and psychiatric issues:
1.  Dr appt for me-- a depression screening revealed severe depression--as in "Are you sure you don't need to be hospitalized?  What support do you have to convince me to let you walk out of here?"  I showed him that I did have enough of a support network to go safely home.  I have started a med regimen and will continue seeing a therapist.
2.  Psychiatric appt for Ladybug--she's got a new supervising psychiatrist who believes Ladybug's ADHD symptoms might be PTSD in disguise, and that's why we're at 4 trials and 4 fails for medications.  Ladybug is now on an anti-depressant, but the ineffective (IMO) ADHD med is not to be stopped because the attending psychiatrist feels that both meds are going to be required to make a difference.  That makes 3 meds every day (counting the melatonin she takes for sleep).  In addition, she is to begin Traum…

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