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Colloquium 2019-2020

New to our homeschool this year, Colloquium meetings were designed for Nature Angel and Little Princess to combine some of their studies under my direction after the co-op we'd signed up for dissolved for reasons beyond our control.

Our plans were grand:
     1.  American History:  Our Star-Spangled Story--the text and all of the trappings that go with it     
          (Mister Man was going to join us for these lessons)
     2.  Human Anatomy:  Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology
     3.  Greek Mythology:  D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths and the Memoria Press study guide

And we had a good start with extra literature, science experiments, activities, and everything!

Then Life happened--mostly in the form of Brother's incredibly intense psychiatric needs.

So we moved to Plan B.

First we dumped everything but Greek Mythology.  We read the stories, memorized the gods and goddesses, filled out the study guide, took the tests, and had a grand time…

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