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A Week, Briefly (3/12/18)

Starting at the end of last week, this week became a week of incredible mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual work.

And it is not over.

How interesting is it that as the week began I was finishing up Deuteronomy and reading how Moses told Joshua to "Be strong and of good courage" several times.  Then I began Joshua and found that the Lord himself repeated the same advice several more times.  Then I read two different bloggers who wrote on the theme of courage.

It has been good advice for me.

I have wanted repeatedly to give up.  The work has been actually too hard--too fraught with fear, hurt, collateral damage, and ignorance.

But I have not.

And I have received encouragement along the way.

In the mean time, the kids' delightful aunt and uncle in California gave us their unused Nikon camera.  It is a VERY NICE camera.  It was kind of for Pixie because she's such a beautiful photographer, but she's dancing so much that picture-taking is on hold for her most o…

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