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A Week, Briefly (1/15/18)

The theme of the week has been overwhelmed.

Nothing has changed except the feeling in all of our chests . . . and the restarting of dance . . . but that wasn't until Thursday, and we all felt it the whole week through.

From Nature Angel to me to Brother to Baymax to Sir Walter Scott and everyone in-between, we've all been tense and anxious over our usual work.

Nature Angel said to me, "I just feel too full and overwhelmed with each day.  Why do the days feel so full?  How come there isn't enough time?"

This from a 10-year old who has hours of free time each day!

But I understand the feeling.  What has felt perfectly fine until now has not felt fine this week.

Does something need to change?  Or is it simply hormones and seriously freezing winter temperatures that have us temporarily feeling trapped in our own world?

The littles went out to play in the snow Monday through Thursday.  Climbing temperatures on Thursday afternoon melted enough snow that sledding and sn…

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