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A Week, Briefly (11/5/18)

We took two full days off school this week to prepare for our two big shows . . . one of which was cancelled because of the first snow!

But we did hold Morning Meeting every morning.
We listened to The Book of Mormon every morning.
The teens and I read an additional 100 pages of The Grapes of Wrath.
We had a proper Symposium session 2 days this week.
The teens finished their art projects for Unit 4 of The Good and the Beautiful:

Little Princess was inspired by her older sisters to paint, too.

For the littler ones, we managed an abbreviated form of Academy 4 days this week in which we skipped science, shortened history lessons, and focused on poetry and literature.

Pixie and I worked feverishly on tutus and hair pieces for her 13 ballerinas that were to dance in the co-op showcase (Baymax and Lola add 2 to her numbers, but they were going to wear costumes we already owned) that was cancelled literally hours before it was to happen.

C'est la vie.

Now we are ready for next semester.

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