On Monday We Learned about the Ballet Folclorico

I feel utterly unmotivated to write about our days of late. 

They've been good days.

I have no complaints.

And there have been sweet and tender moments.

But the journaling of what we do and when is terribly dull.  I need to journal what we do and when because this is where I complete my legal requirements for my state.

But . . . it is so boring!


It was a good day. 

Formal school for the older kids in the morning. 

The littles painted paper plates.  They painted some brown in preparation for an O is for owl project we're doing today, and then they painted whatever they wanted after that.  A6 painted a monkey in the desert.  I2 experimented with squashing colors together with his hands, his brush, his face, whatever he could.  H4 tried very hard to copy what A6 did, but mostly ended up squashing colors together like I2 did before I could get hold of her pictures and set them aside for safe-keeping.

We had leftover chicken noodle soup and sourdough toast for lunch.

Then A6 had her language arts lesson with me.

The older girls and I read about Jesus reading and proclaiming Himself the Christ in the synagogue in Nazareth.  They were delightfully appalled to read about how they tried to pitch Him headfirst off a cliff.  We had a bit of a conversation about faith.

Then we turned to the computer to find The Friend magazine's article on Mexico--an idea that was recommended on Latter-Day Homeschooling.  We printed the passports and armadillo "stickers."  We googled a world map and found Mexico and the United States.  We found an audio pronunciation guide for a few simple words in Spanish.  We read the articles in The Friend.  We found a simple fact sheet for kids about Mexico, and this is where it got good.  The fact sheet mentioned the Ballet Folclorico. 

I remember the Ballet Folclorico!  I grew up in LA.  Taking trips to Olvera Street and watching dancers was a frequent tradition. 

We hopped on over to YouTube and watched several videos of fabulous dancing.  Even though the picture quality was poor, and the feed was so bad we had to watch the small screen versions, we were all glued to the dancing. 

I had to watch the clock because my sister's family was coming over for dinner last night, and I had to get up and start dinner preparations, so I turned off the computer to agonized groans.  (I do not leave my kids unsupervised on YouTube!)

I can't say we learned a whole lot about Mexico, but I'm quite positive that curiosity has been piqued, and a favorable impression made.  When the opportunity to learn more about Mexico arises, the kids are going to be willing.

There was lots of chaos and fun when cousins came over.

My favorite part was listening in as my nephew K12 was looking through our library basket to see if there was anything good to read.  E13 saw a book in his hand--Birdwing.  She ran over, "That is the best book!  There's one inappropriate part, but that is the best book!  It is so good.  You should read it!"

I love that she was so enthusiastic, and I'm glad that she's warning her cousins about sex/violence/profanity.  So far when she's warned someone about "inappropriate parts" they've concerned kissing and/or mild profanity.  She hasn't yet finished a book that got truly inappropriate.  I hope it stays that way.

Then when everyone extra left and we came back to just our own selves, we opened our folktale book to find that the very next story we were reading was from Mexico! 


Daddy was in the living room recovering from his perfectly dreadful day, and the girls all began chattering away about the Mexican dancers.   Several fabulous narrations later we were ready to read.

So we did.

The Fellowship of the Ring is getting rather exciting.  A6 is hooked.  So are most of the other kids, but M11 is not a Tolkien fan.

Then we went to bed.

Now we're up again.

Time to start another day.


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