We Never Did Find the Answer

I got online during lunch to find an answer to a question a child asked.  I do not remember the question nor which child asked, because as my email inbox popped up I saw the title to an email from my sister.

Her son has melanoma.

And it's not in the early stages either. 

It is rare enough in a youth (he's 14) that no one in their area is equipped to deal with it.  They've been sent to a cancer center for surgery and further lab work.  It's on his head.  One of the tasks ahead is to see if it has metastasized into his brain.

It is terrifying.

I counted my own children--sniffling from the illness that has plagued them for the past 2 weeks--and thanked God for their health.  Then I pleaded for my nephew to be healed.  Then I thought of all of the mothers who are dealing with serious illnesses in their children and I petitioned heaven on their behalf as well.

And I wonder . . . what can I do to help?


  1. My neighbor had a melanoma on his arm. He is in second grade. He went to e Huntsman Center in SLC. It was so rare that none of the normal dermatologists wanted to touch it. He is doing well now. I'll pray for your nephew. Love to your sister. How scary.


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