Moments That Made Me Smile

H4 came to me twice saying, "Look what I can do, Mom."  She then proceeded to sign, "My name is  (H4).  What's your name?"  After I responded appropriately, she threw her arms around me.

E13 tried really, really hard to be mad at me when I assigned her a full week's worth of math review in one day.  (It took her 20 minutes to complete.  It really was review, and I knew she didn't need to spend a week on it.)  I made a silly face at her as she yelled, and she dissolved into laughter.  Then she got mad at me for making her laugh when she was trying to be mad.  She stomped off, but I could see that the corners of her mouth were quirking.

S11 and M12 were spotlighted at the New Beginnings program at church last night.  They were welcomed so sweetly to the Young Women's program.  They will be much loved and will make true friends.  I'm so thankful!

A6 read aloud a story from Mouse Tales for her "school reading."  Every other sentence she good-naturedly pointed out the foolish logic and impossibilities of the events in the story.  I didn't get the sense that she was complaining at all--only reveling in the fact that her brain could see the silliness.

J10 discovered that she has a talent for writing reports.  While E13 and S11 labored in tears over their 1 paragraph reports about an American colony, J10 produced 3.  We have 8 more to write today, and J10 wants to write them all.  I told her she can't.  (I do want the others to struggle on and master this small skill.)  But I found joy in her joy.  She probably ought to be assigned to produce some other sorts of reports.

M12 did everyone's hair fancy for the New Beginnings program.  It was just a Tuesday night, but when we arrived so did the glamor!  Some were straightened, some were curled, some sported homemade tulle bows, some had updos.  I2 and I were looking rather boring compared to our fancy family.

I2 rode his tiny tricycle on our deck because the deck has a gate that locks and the sun was out.  Heaven!  He got to be as physical as his little body needed while I did the housework and schoolwork that filled my day.  I could keep an eye on him through the windows.  I fell asleep last night still happy about that boy on the tricycle on the deck.

The day warmed to over 50 degrees.  It will be cold again today, but just that break yesterday lifted my spirits.  I can face today because I was nourished yesterday.


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