Satisfying Work

I cleaned the kitchen as the girls finished their colony reports.  They were all working right in the kitchen, so I was there to answer questions and offer guidance.

It was rather a win-win situation.

So is the fact that A6 reads to her younger siblings.

I had to run errands this morning.  They were supposed to be done on Monday when my husband could have run them while I stayed home to run our school day, but the delivery day for my food co-op was changed to today which left me having to leave home at a critical time of day. 

It was okay, though.

A few kids stayed home--E13 (who did schoolwork), J10 (who also did schoolwork), and H4 and A6 who watched sign language videos and practiced with each other.  The ones who came with me fit their schoolwork into any gaps in the day that could be found.

After the colony reports were done,

I cancelled a formal science lesson in favor of preschool with the littles.  They made rainbows out of store brand Froot Loops.  The older kids' faces were priceless when they opened the grocery bag containing that box of cereal.  :) 

We don't eat that stuff.

They thought I'd changed some fundamental rule of the house, but when I told them that it was a craft supply instead of tomorrow's breakfast they shrugged and said, "Figures."

But lots of "cereal" was eaten in the process.

Right now our too-wonderful-for-words deck is getting a work out.  Kids are scootering, tricycling, swinging, talking, playing, and generally enjoying the relatively mild weather and staying out of the absolutely treacherous mud all around.  It's supposed to rain tonight . . . and get cold again soon. 

Carpe diem is a lesson my young ones don't need to learn.


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