First Afternoon at the Zoo

The weather forecast was delightfully wrong!

My older kids got through their core school subjects in the morning; I cleaned my bathroom; the little guys practiced sign language with their Signing Time videos and showed me what they know.  I cannot describe how cute their pudgy little hands are as they fingerspell their names.  It makes my heart squishy.

My sister's family did come down to the zoo; we went to the zoo; we had a sweet and happy afternoon.

I2 loved the polar bears so much that had we done nothing else that afternoon he'd have been happy.  Though he was momentarily distracted by the new penguin exhibit, he longed for the polar bears.

H4 braved major personal fears and rode the carousel not once but twice.  She held the pole with an unbreakable grip and even managed to smile a couple of times. 

A6 was in 7th heaven tagging along with a pack of "big girl" cousins.  The highlight of her day was the sea lion show. 

The older girls are being closed-mouthed about their experiences.  I think I shall have them write a paragraph or two in their science journals this afternoon. :)

I'm glad we went.

The sunlight began to heal the winter-weary spots in my soul.


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