Holiday Weekend X2

We celebrated Valentine's Day with our traditional scavenger hunt and sharing of homemade valentines.

The scavenger hunt prize was an annual pass to our local zoo.

Our really local zoo--less than 3 miles away!

Later that day we had friends over.  Keeping friends.  A good way to spend Valentine's Day.

That night Daddy had to work, so the kids and I kept our evening rituals of tidying up, family reading, prayers, and bed.

Saturday was busy with cleaning and errands.

Sunday held church and family night (we wrote letters to a cousin away at college).

Now it is Monday.  I want to stay home and have school.  I want to stay warm and snuggle up with A6 while she reads and then paste horrible sugary, chemically cereal onto a paper rainbow outline for "R" is for rainbow day with H4.  I want to hold I2 on my lap in the rocking chair and read Katy and the Big Snow for the umpteenth time.  I want to help J10 with long division, counsel with E13 about her goals for high school, listen to M12 practice the violin, and read S11's novel-in-progress. 

But I think we are going to bundle up, brave the chill, and meet our cousins at the zoo because their daddy is off work today for the holiday and they live far away and an opportunity like this should not be missed.

I'd better put some beans on to soak . . .


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