Wanted: Knitting Mentor

My darling M10 loves to knit.

She loves reading about knitting and daydreaming about creating the beautiful things she sees in knitting books.

Yesterday I told her to pick up her knitting needles and yarn and actually practice the things she was reading and daydreaming about.  I promised to buy her yarn and supplies for projects if she practiced what she talked about.

She talked about knitting for several more minutes.  I finally said, "Go knit!!!  Go practice!!!  Go knit!!!"

"Can I use the computer to watch that video about how to purl?"

"Yes, but you have to have your knitting needles in  your hands as you watch, and you have to practice as you go!"


15 minutes later she came upstairs triumphant, "I can purl!  I can do it!  Look at what I'm doing!"

She practiced the rest of the day.

Seriously, her work looks good, and if she'll keep it up, she could really become a master.  The next step is  to learn how to read and follow a knitting pattern.

Now, do I learn how to knit and help her?  Do I just keep finding YouTube videos?  Do I find someone who knits to work with her?

Perhaps a combination of the 3?


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