Hello, Great Books

My darling little J8 loves junky fairy books.

Not wonderful fairy tales--those I love and encourage my children to read!

I'm talking about cheap little fairy books that come in a series of something like 100+ and all have the same plot.

It makes me crazy that she reads them and loves them.

I mostly keep my mouth shut and let her determine her own reading path, but sometimes I'm pushy and try to point out that what she is reading is yucky, empty-calorie candy and wouldn't she like to read something more nourishing?

She smiles and tells me that she still has ever so many of these wonderful books to enjoy!

But . . .

I found her immersed in The Indian in the Cupboard this week.

She devoured it in almost every free moment she had.

Today I found her curled up with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

She couldn't hear me calling her even though I was standing 5 feet away.

I walked away smiling.


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