The Little Girls are Missing

Our little girls are gone on an outing with Grandma today.  It is supposed to be an unforgettable day--complete with petting puppies at the pet store and choosing a special lunch at a mall food court [they've never done this before].  I'm quite sure they will come home with stars in their eyes.

In spite of a teething baby, it is rather quiet around here without them.  School for the big girls has gone relatively smoothly without interruptions or tantrums.

However, S9--who fights with the little girls the most--said as she swept the kitchen floor after lunch, "I kind of miss the little girls.  I thought it would be great to have them gone--you know, no crying or teasing or tempter tantrums--but it's too quiet around here.  I wonder what they're doing.  I miss them."

My mother-heart sang within.

This is why we homeschool--at least one of the reasons--to nurture family relationships and build eternal friendships.

I'm quite sure that crying, teasing, and tantruming will resume within a short time of the little girls' return home, but in my heart I will know that my girls love one another.

They love one another!


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