Science vs The Computer

Getting computer time at our house is very important; I limit computer time severely because I realized one day that the daily 1/2 hour turns I thought they were getting were actually 2 and 3 hour screen-time fests as they watched one another take turns.  Now the older kids get 1/2 hour turns every other day with intermittent turns to request library books or check facts here and there.  The little girls use the computer every day--unfortunately, as a babysitter.  [It's a bad habit that we're working on breaking.]  At any rate, when Mom says yes to the computer, it is cause for much rejoicing in the land.

Today J8 and S9 were working on their Individual Pursuits; they're working their way through an Usborne science experiment book.  They love it!  Today they were in the middle of building a contraption out of a yogurt container, string, hard candy, and sundry other items when it was time for S9 to have her turn.

"Would you like to have your turn later so that you can keep doing your experiment?" I asked, expecting a solidly negative reply.

"Yes!  Thank you, Mom!  I really want to finish this!" she said.

I tried to play it cool even though I was stunned, so I called casually down to M10 who was typing up some reading notes, "You can keep going if you want.  Your sister is going to take her turn later."

She was thrilled.

I'm thrilled. 

It looks like the computer is settling down to its proper place as a useful tool instead of the end-all, be-all of their existence.


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