One of the Secrets a Cool Mom Knows

Temperatures are crossing the 100 degree mark every day.  Today was just too hot to head outside and continue working on our bird house.

Soooooo . . . what to do for Matters of Interest?

I pulled out a book on my shelf and looked up something quick and easy and "cool."

We hung spoons on our noses.

While the girls were finishing up their copywork, I hung one on my nose and just sat quietly.  It took at least 3 minutes for anyone to notice me, but when E12 did, smiles erupted all around.

"How do you do that?"

"I've done that before!"

"Mom!  What are you doing?!?!"

I smiled enigmatically and told them to finish up.

When they were done we all hung spoons from our noses.  It was hardest for E12.  She persevered.  She succeeded.

Along the way M10, S9, and J8 had a blast hanging spoons from their noses and seeing how long they could keep them up.  J8 was even able to jump gently a few times before it fell.

A5 and H2 watched us with cautious eyes.  Eventually A5 dared to ask to use my spoon to try.  The spoon fell rather quickly, and her face crumpled in disappointment.  "Don't give up!  Do it again!  Do it again!  It will work eventually!"  I cheered.  She was diligent and was rewarded with a precariously hanging spoon.  A huge grin dislodged the spoon, but she'd already been rewarded enough to be joyful.  In seconds that spoon was hanging again.

There was nothing academic about what we did.  It was just a little bit of nonsense that nourished our spirits for a few minutes on a really hot, really boring school day.

And then we ate chocolate bread for lunch!


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