Doll Babies

This morning Grandma went on a walk.  On her way home she stopped to visit with a neighbor.  The neighbor was cleaning out toys that her great-granchildren have outgrown, and Grandma brought home a darling pink baby carriage for H2.

That meant that H2 and A5 were in dolly heaven--they each have their own stroller now!

I considered following my plans for preschool today.  Then I got smart and joined my darlings; we played mothers and babies together.

I rarely play with my children. 

I read to them.  I feed them.  I applaud them as they perform "shows" for me.  I bathe them.  I kiss them.  I take them on outings.  I do a lot of great things. 

But I don't play pretend very well.

Today I made the effort.

Their happy little faces made my heart sing.

We dressed our babies.
We fed our babies.
We had a birthday party for one of the babies!

My little girls' eyes sparkled as we sang "Happy Birthday" to a small dolly dressed in her sparkly dolly best.

For me preschool is about spending time with my little ones doing things that make those little ones happy.

Preschool was perfect today.


  1. I did that for about an hour a couple months ago, and my preschool daughter LOVED it too! It's amazing how a little time spent on something seemingly pointless can actually be such a mommy-child bonding experience. At least, that's what I thought. :-)


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