Just a Good Day of School

Today started in an unexpected way.  A good way.  But unexpected nonetheless.  That threw off my plans for the morning, so I started to panic a little bit.  Then I realized what an inspired blessing this schedule of ours really is, and everything fell into place.

We found out yesterday that the state nursing board has no record of my husband's transcripts.  That means he cannot take his board exam which must be passed in 29 days or else he loses his job as a nurse. We've been waiting for 61 days, being reassured along the way that all is well.


The kids picked up on our fear, so we spent some effort reassuring them of the power of faith and prayer.

Then this morning I accidentally read Luke 11 when I was supposed to be reading Mark 11.  Then I realized my error and read Mark 11.  Reading both chapters helped me pay attention to the fact that both chapters emphasize the power of prayer.  I felt as if a light had turned on in my head!  Heavenly Father was reassuring me that He would answer our prayers if we continued in faith!!!

What knocked me off schedule was spending extra time writing about this experience in my scripture journal.

Then it was breakfast time and time for preschool.

I also still needed to start the bread for the day and get a meal ready for a couple in from church that just had their first baby.  Oh!  And the scheduled snack wasn't prepared yet!

Inspiration struck when I realized that my little girls could make the snack while I started the bread and threw a quiche together.  They happily donned matching blue-striped aprons and mashed bananas and berries and stirred in yogurt for a frozen treat later in the day.  I stayed near and chatted with them as I worked on the bread and quiche.

The great part about me being busy with my own kitchen project was that I let the little girls spoon the fruity yogurt into the muffin tins themselves.  Yes, the table was a mess.  Yes, yogurt got in H2's hair.  Yes, they licked the spoons many times as they completed their work.  But at the end they were triumphant.  And it only took me about 30 seconds to wipe up the mess.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and raise my big girls all over again with the wisdom I've since gained.

A5 read Hop on Pop again today.  She's memorized some of it--so has H2 for that matter--but she's really reading and so very proud of herself.  New readers are some of my favorite people.  I think it is how their eyes sparkle with delight at this exciting accomplishment.

E12 found that new ants crawled into her jar.  The ants she'd worked so hard to track and dig out of the ground yesterday fried up in the heat.  I'd thought as I looked at her jar on the porch that I should warn her about moving them to a cooler location, but I forgot.  She was heartbroken early this morning when she discovered the carnage.  However the new ants moved in by 9 am, and she spent a fruitful morning observing their behaviors and making notes in her nature journal.

S9 and J8 tried a science experiment with eggs that failed--I was able to save the eggs and use them in the quiche though.  There's always a bright side.  I'm experimenting with letting them fail this way.  They're doing the experiments with no adult supervision.  I need to remember to ask them what they learned.  While J8 spent time on the computer, S9 worked on making a list of supplies they need for their next experiment.

M10 got frustrated as she tried to work out a timeline about Henry Ford's Model Ts.  She kept coming to me with questions as I was trying to listen to A5 read.  Finally I asked, "Have you read any of the books?  Or are you just looking through them trying to piece things together? "  She admitted to the latter.  "Try reading all the way through just one book.  See what happens when you really read it."  She was annoyed but complied.  I still need to see how that is going.

For Matters of Interest today we tried listening to an audio CD about Latin.  The cover said it was supposed to be quite funny.   The kids were not enthusiastic when I presented the idea, but were happier when I said they could play with Legos as they listened.  E12 and S9 liked it and want to hear more.  J8 and M10 not so much.  I'm really glad E12 liked it because I'm hoping she'll agree to some individual Latin studies this fall.  Whatever the case I am satisfied that at least I've dropped a pebble into the educational pond.

The little girls and I finished our Usborne Book of Houses and Homes today during read aloud time.  What will our next social studies book be?  It is so fun to get to raid our shelves and start something new!

I love the quiet that falls on our house as the big girls each take their books and reading journals and find hideaways for their studies while I read to the little ones and I.7 sleeps.  Reading time nourishes my soul.

After a quick trip to medieval Western Africa and an incredibly brief tour of the stars we were finished with our school day.

All in all, a satisfying, productive sort of day.


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