I have only 4 children at home this afternoon and evening.

The big girls are away at a soccer meet.

The house feels so quiet.

 The quiet is both soothing and odd at the same time.

Only 5 of us at the dinner table.  Though we chitter chattered through our meal, it still felt so . . . small.

It makes me realize that we're soon to be on the shrinking end of family life as children grow up and will leave home.  I know there will be growth in weddings and babies to come, but before that, there will be a lessening.

Makes me a little melancholy.

And glad that my husband and big girls will be home in an hour to fill the house with laughter and bickering, talking and activity.

This afternoon was peaceful. 
We went to the library. 
We read stories. 
We made dinner. 
We flew kites. 

We're closing up the house for the night and settling in.

It's a good life I have the privilege of living.


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