Magic from The Magic Flute

My little girls requested princess books from the library.  Among all of the Cinderellas and Rapunzels we found a copy of The Magic Flute.

We've read and read and read it.

This morning I found A7 reading it aloud  to H4 and I2.

On a whim I did a quick YouTube search for The Magic Flute.

First return--a full length version by The Metropolitan Opera House with James Levine as conductor.

2 hours 46 minutes . . . hmm . . . a little long . . . but I gave it a shot.

I called my littles to the computer just to see what would happen.

They sat, mesmerized, for the whole 2:46 as the opera was performed in its entirety in German.

They knew the plot, so they were never lost. 

As the final curtain fell, they turned to me with shining eyes, "That was fun!  Can we do more?"


  1. I love the aria by the Queen of the Night (?). It is one of my absolute favorites.


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