Almost Done!

We finished our family New Testament studies yesterday. 

I feel like singing.

Not because we're done and it's over (because we will, of course, stay immersed in the scriptures year 'round), but because we actually persevered and finished this particular course of study. 

It was such a sense of accomplishment to pick up all of those full journals and plunk them in the "2013-2014 Completed Schoolwork" box.

It's so fun to turn my attention to planning for the summer and the coming year. 

We're still working our way to the ends of our math books.  And our current literature books/journals will be completed at almost the exact same time.  There might be a difference of a few days, but for the most part I think we're really done next week.

We'll loaf about--sleeping in, reading long hours, hiking, going to the zoo--for a week or so.  We'll just kind of rest and stretch for a bit.  Perhaps just long enough to get bored and start looking for something interesting to do.

Then we'll dive into botany for the summer. 

It will keep us just organized enough to prevent us falling into utter chaos, and it will keep us out of doors for significant quantities of time.


I love that expression.

I love to be there.

I love knowing that we will have hours and hours and hours of time out-of-doors in the days and weeks ahead.


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