A Few Things I Like About Life Lately

We got up to watch the lunar eclipse last night.

J10 read a book about Helen Keller that had a copy of the Braille alphabet in the back.  She voluntarily spent hours writing messages in Braille (not actually raised dots--just drawn dots).

We didn't have dinner until 7:00 pm yesterday because the sun eventually came out, and my husband was building bunk beds, and I had to return an overdue book to the library, and no one had anywhere to go, so we didn't have to have dinner at a certain time.  I offered apples to anyone who got hungry before that.

I2 likes games.  He's destroyed our games closet because he knows how to carry a stool out of the kitchen, but he spends long hours arranging and rearranging pieces of games.  The floor is a mess, but my boy is so very happy.

H4 is learning to read.  She asks me almost every hour of the morning, "Is it time for my school yet?"  Her happy blue eyes fill my spirit with light.

We went barefoot on Saturday. 

It snowed on Monday and E14's soccer games for 2 days were cancelled.  Our busy week got very quiet very quickly.

I'm reading A Girl of the Limberlost.  It is satisfying reading.

M12 works on her Personal Progress every single day.  She has such a sweet, conscientious air.  Her journal is filling rapidly, and I love to see how happy she is as she works.

The woods are green and purple and white and yellow right now.

We're almost done with math books for the year. 

Our house is filled with music at all hours of the day and night as kids sit down to the piano to pick out tunes, pick up recorders and puff away, or pick up a violin and see what happens.  It is noisy, noisy, noisy, but it is beautiful, too.

My husband wasn't assigned Sunday night shift at work for the first time in weeks.

 I baked bread and made chicken noodle soup last night.  It felt good to be in the kitchen.

Everyone is healthy.

We've committed ourselves to a no-lessons, no-classes summer.  We actually have nothing on the calendar for all of July, and we're keeping it that way.  We're going to use that time to thoroughly explore the lake that is closest to our house.  We'll invite some friends to explore, too.

We just started The Swiss Family Robinson for family read aloud time.  The kids LOVE it.  I love watching them love it.

It's a good season, this spring time season.  We're rather a happy bunch.


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