The Best Moments

This morning, as part of her phonics lesson, H4 and I were supposed to make a silly shopping list for items beginning with the sounds /m/, /f/, and /b/.  We took turns coming up with items.

We laughed.

A7 joined us.

I2 joined us.

S11 joined us.

We all came up with the goofiest items we could imagine buying at a store:  Babies!  Monkeys!  Moms!

Perhaps they're not very goofy, but we laughed and laughed together.

Today I had to do some shopping. 

I hate shopping.  It sucks the life out of me and leaves me more drained than dealing with several crying toddlers (I know this because I'm the nursery leader at church.)

Today's shopping took far longer than planned and left me listless, foggy, and frustrated.

We barely had a proper dinner, and when it was over I simply could not face the kitchen.  I was trying, trying, trying to remember that if I just put one foot in front of the other it would be fine, but I couldn't. 

I asked everyone to help for 5 minutes.

They did!

They were wonderful. 

I felt new life as we worked together.

Tonight the big girls went to the church for activities.  Daddy didn't have to work, so he took them while I stayed home with the littles.  They each chose a stack of picture books, and I read and read and read with small people cuddled close to me. 

One treat was that A7 and H4 each chose to have me read their "special" books--the Shutterfly books I made for each of them about their babyhoods. 

I tucked them in after singing to them and listening to their personal prayers.

Sometimes being the mom is the best.


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