"Going" to the White House

Today a conversation with E14 about the common core turned into questions and answers about the president and his family.  We had to google some answers.

As M12, S11, and J10 joined the conversation we kept talking.  They asked if Daddy could run for president.  The answer to that question turned into a lecture/discussion about how presidents are elected and why some people claim you're "throwing away" your vote if you vote outside the two main parties. 

I was amazed to see the lights in the kids eyes as they listened, and I loved the intelligent questions they asked for clarification.

By that time we were at the table having lunch, so the little guys were listening.  They wondered how big the white house is.  We googled that one, too.  We clicked various sites until we found one we liked.  Because I was in the room and directly supervising their searching, they were allowed to click on a featured Youtube video that looked promising.  The kids were glued; even E14, who was claiming indifference and boredom by this point, couldn't stay away. 

Eventually an hour had passed from the first question about the common core.  We had imperative errands to run, so we had to cut off our research.

I wonder where we'd have gone if we'd had the freedom to just keep going . . .


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