Impromptu--Spring Break

We haven't had "school" this week.

Instead we painted E14's new room--she's doing much of it in order to accomplish a Personal Progress Project.  Patching, sanding, cleaning, taping, priming, sanding again and so forth and so on . . . she's learning a lot about household projects.  Her ability to stick to the job is growing, and she's proud of what she's accomplished.

I'm proud of her, too.

There is still some work left to go--2 more coats of paint on the shelves and the wall-mounted clipboard, lots of clean up, curtains to make, closet rods to install, electrical covers to remount.  She still has much to learn, and she'll have more than enough hours credit.

If only she'll write about it in her journal!

M12 is getting credit for helping E14 with the work--she's not doing a project yet, just a value experience, but she's next in line for home repairs and will complete her first project when she helps build a set of triple bunk beds with her dad.

That same great dad, husband to me, offered to do the grocery shopping today.

I love him.

He took 3 happy pre-teen helpers with him.  They're familiar with the grocery stores and know what to buy.  They're so good that when I forgot to put apples, bananas, and oranges on the list they told him to get them.

Too bad he stuck to the list. :)

 He gets lots of credit for sticking to it.  It sure will be easy for me to pick up some produce one afternoon when we're out.  It is the long, huge shops that are hard for me, and he carried that burden willingly.

When the pre-teen pack got home, they helped watch the little guys who had watched Signing Time all morning while E14 and I worked.  The littles sure are learning to sign--I2's favorite sign right now is "hippopotamus."

A6 got bored and came down to help paint.  Because it is E14's room I told her she'd have to wait for a special project that would be easier for me to include her.  She was heartbroken.  But she found Daddy's collection of souvenir spoons.  As E14 and I painted, she organized and studied the spoons, asking questions about where they came from.  It turned into a geography and family history lesson.

As I cleaned out paint brushes and rollers (yes, E14 should have been helping, but she'd cleaned out so many brushes and rollers the day before that I felt justified in doing that small service), A7 pointed out that Daddy's car was dirty. 

So we washed it.

H4 and I2 helped.

They're so proud of themselves.  They can't wait for Daddy to wake up to go to work and see his shiny clean car.

The sun has been out.

The children have spent hours and hours out of doors.  E14 hung Daddy's 2 hammocks, and I can't hardly get the kids out of them. 

Not that I'm trying very hard.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold . . . let the children play while their hearts and light and the temperatures are mild.


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