Lately . . .

The weather is so odd--so full of spring confusion--that we're trying to go out on cold days and then find that we've spent a lovely day indoors. 

We're still plodding along through our school books, but we're hungry to drop it all and get out of doors.  There is much to learn--more perhaps than from our books, but we have some goals that can only be reached by sticking to our books.

We're struggling to find our balance.

But we're happy.

E14 is playing soccer.
M12 is trying to start a church choir nursery.  She's so very good.  The mothers are starting to trust her--little by little.  The children are coming.
S11 has finished her 5,000 word "book."  I'm editing it with her.  She's learning about the agonies and ecstasies of revising.
J10 is a world unto herself.  Withdrawn into her reading and introspection.  As I sang to her and kissed her good night last night I found myself thinking that I need to get to know her better.
A7 is alive in art and music.
H4 is thrilled with her new kindergarten program. 
I2 knows how to drag a stool out of the kitchen, down the hall, and into the games closet.  Most of our games are in shambles as a result.  I know what to ask Santa for this year!

And we got a piano!

I took this picture on the night we brought it home.  It is battered and bruised, but that's okay because we've had music almost non-stop ever since.


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