Activity Night at Church

Activities ran long.

The teen girls wrote letters to recently called missionaries.  My girls wrote their letters ahead of time so that they could just copy them when they were in a group setting.  This helped them settle on spelling, punctuation, line spacing, and grammar in private, so they could laugh and talk and be comfortable in a group.

The tweens sewed aprons.  Enough sewing machines and helpers were found so that every girl had her own machine and helper.  S11's helper made sure that S11 put in every stitch of her apron herself.  I'm so thankful, especially because it took a full 2 hours that way.  Other girls, whose helpers "helped" more, were done in an hour.  Though it was hard to stay for so long, and I2 was begging me to take him home and put him to bed, I consider S11 the most blessed of the girls. 

J10 had a helper with a fancy sewing machine that did embroidery stitches.  Her apron is finished with swirls and curlicues and flowers.  She finished only minutes before S11 did, even though she did less of the actual work herself.  Those fancy stitches take a long time. :)

The three littles and I hung out in the gym.  They ran around with their friends.  I talked to another mother about homeschooling.

By the time we were ready to leave the church it was hailing.


And almost horizontally.

We waited for a lull, raced to the van, and drove home at 45 miles per hour on the interstate.  It was white-knuckle driving for me.  My back hurt so much from the tension.  Interestingly enough I couldn't fall asleep even after tucking all of the kids in and kissing the last child goodnight at 10:00 pm.  I read and prayed and counted sheep, but it was nearly midnight before I unwound enough to really rest.

I'm still glad we were there, and I'm thankful for the good people of the church who donate their time to my children.


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