Reading Lessons

My H4 is ready to learn to read.

But I've been putting her off:
--We are not done creating her preschool ABC book. 
--I'm in no hurry to push her.
--It's the end of a "school year."
--I'm busy helping E14 get ready to start high school academics this fall.
--I'm busy helping everyone paint/redecorate bedrooms so we can move kids around to make room for the adoptions we hope are in our future this year.

She's been practicing on her own.  "What does this letter say, Mom?"  "How do you spell 'Happy Birthday,' Mom?"  "C-C-C-Cat.  Does 'cat' start with 'k,' Mom?" 

All of it is endearing.

All of it equals clear signs that she is ready.

But still I've put her off . . . there's plenty of time . . . she's just a very small girl.

My conscience is getting the better of me, though.

Why do we need to finish the ABC book?  So I can say we've done it?  So we can have a keepsake that we'll never look at?
 Poor choice.

Why do I fear pushing her when she's so ready?  Because I'm busy with other concerns?
Poor choice.

Why does it matter when she starts?  Because I'd rather wait for a calendar to dictate our learning?
Poor choice.

I think I just convinced myself to start reading lessons with her.



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