A Little Kinesthetic Action Pays Big

A6, H4 and I2 have been into Signing Time lately.  It it their current love.

I'm encouraging it.

Today A6 had a spelling "test."  It is part of her Sonlight Language Arts 1 program.  Honestly we don't treat it as a test at all.  We just have fun seeing what she can remember.

Today she spontaneously asked, "Is it okay if I spell the words with my fingers?"

"Okay," I answered.

She then proceeded to practice fingerspelling every word on her list as she read and spelled the words aloud.  After that she wrote the words down.

She had 100% recall.

It was amazing.

I've known about visual-audio-kinesthetic learning modes for a long time.  I  know that the more of these we use the more likely we are to remember something.

I know this.

But watching A6 today blew my mind.

My oldest struggles, struggles, struggles with spelling.  I wonder if she'll try fingerspelling . . .


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