Unwitting Service

I grew unusually irritable as we finished preschool yesterday.  It was a bigger-than-usual project (making cardboard box turtle shells the kids could really wear) for "T is for Turtle" day.   H4 threw at least 2 full scale tantrums at the end, and I was unable (unwilling?) to put on a happy face. 

I growled my way through lunch time, recognizing that this would not be a good way to continue the day, but still stuck.

As I cleaned up the lunch mess (I did not make the children stay to help as I was actually trying not to scold them unnecessarily) I had to go downstairs to put something way or find something--I'm not really sure.  Either way I walked past the "library" and caught a glimpse of J10. 

She was curled up on the couch poring over The Encyclopedia of Country Living.

I don't know what she was reading about. 

She was just silently reading . . .

that's nothing earth-shattering--she's a good reader--she reads often.

But something in my heart and mind clicked into place.

I was ruffled, irritated, angry no longer.

Her serenity flooded my heart.

And I was healed.


  1. Those days happen. Praise God that he restores our peace! I had one yesterday, and like you it was very unusual. My husband was shocked and offered to put the kids to bed so I could go to the store by myself regroup. When I got back I listened to Dr. S.M Davis' sermon, Anger The Destroyer, twice! It was a huge blessing to me as I was trying to regroup :-) Thank God, joy does come in the morning! I always feel better have a good nights sleep no matter what's happened. Blessings!


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