The Bright Spot in My Day

Yesterday was not a dreadful day.

We went to our first Explorer's Club meeting--a hiking day.  The big kids got to hike fast and far; the little kids got to hike slowly and not so far. 

(I think the little kids had the better hike.)

E13 attended her second gymnastics lesson.

The big girls did their school work in the afternoon.

We played in the sprinklers with a neighbor until the bees got too aggressive.

I went through the climax of this miscarriage.

I read stories to I1.

Last night he was through with his bath and was searching for his favorite books  We are fans of Olivier Dunrea, and I1 was collecting all of the books by him that we currently have checked out from the library. He had Boo Boo in his hand, but he came walking down the hallway saying, "Peebee ha'.  Peebee ha'," and signing "hat" at the same time. 

"Are you looking for Peedie?  Do you want to read about Peedie and his hat?"  I asked.

I1 nodded happily.  "Peebee ha'," he said again.

Then the light went on in my brain.  This was the first time I1 spontaneously put two words together.  He's mimicked phrases like, "Here you go," ( 'ere ' go ), but he still communicates almost completely with single words and to-die-for facial expressions.

The ache in my heart receded for a moment . . . I never get tired of hearing my babies learn to talk!


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