S11 Sings

S11 has been so desperate to find a "special thing."  This is not an object but a talent or hobby that can be uniquely hers in our family.  M11 seems to have one.  J9 seems to have one.  But S11 has been really struggling.

She wanted it to be surfing . . . but we live well over 1,000 miles from any oceans.

We thought it was going to be joining the homeschool band.  We had the open house marked on our calendar for 2 weeks.  At the very last minute I looked up the address, and found the rehearsal schedule at the same time--right in the middle of our science club.

We are all committed to the science club; homeschool band suddenly was not an option.

My heart broke for my poor, disappointed girl.

I began scouring websites, local forums, and community education catalogues for something special for my girl.


I found a local children's choir that was open for auditions this week.  S11 loves to sing.  We've talked about voice lessons for quite some time, but they are pricey, so we've opted to wait until the girls are old enough to join the church choir (at age 12) and learn what they can there before we decide to invest in voice lessons.

But this little choir costs very little, the practice schedule works with our family schedule, and it has a good reputation.

It was with much trepidation that S11 entered the audition room, but it was with a big smile that she opened the door to invite me to speak with the choir director.

She's in!

She couldn't be happier . . . neither could I.


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