Monday Was Hard

Pride goeth before a fall.

My last post was about how school and our routines were almost too easy.

Then came Monday.

A6 had a fever and was listless all weekend.  I'd promised to help in the church nursery, so my husband stayed home with all 3 littles (because where one fever is, others usually follow) while I took the 4 bigger girls to church.  It was good to sit quietly through an entire service.  Then I spent 2 hours in the nursery.  All was fine--even boring--but I came home quite tired.

We wrote our letters; I remembered to scan them into the computer this time.

I made dinner.

I closed my eyes for an hour.

But it wasn't enough.

I was still so very tired.

And then Monday morning came so quickly!

My sweet M11 helped me through a few mistakes--like forgetting our memorization scripture and devotional moment during our morning meeting.  But E13 was having a hard day, and she made no bones about making it hard for the rest of us.  By nightfall our family was in a state of desperation, and had my husband not been absolutely prayerfully inspired in how he handled our girl, we'd be in a bad place now.

As it was, he and she just talked.  He listened . . . a lot. 

He was so patient.
He was so kind.
He was so humble.
He was so inspiring.
He was so perfect for that very moment.

Our girl is better for now.

And I'm glad Monday is over.


  1. It's just the cycle of days. Some good and some bad. Here's for a good day today.


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