'Nuff Said

Tuesday morning.
Made oatmeal for breakfast.
Made 5 pints peach jam.
Made 4 loaves organic wheat bread.
Helped kids with school.
Spent the afternoon in urgent care.
I1 got 4 stitches in his forehead.
Picked up meds for J9--she's suffering from the poison ivy but complaining so very little.
Kids watched movies.
Made peach cobbler for dinner--even had a scoop of vanilla ice cream each.
I1 is in bed, barely resting--his head hurts.
The rest of the kids will soon follow.

And my favorite pink shirt has bloodstains on it.


  1. Aww:( sounds like a great, successful day and a rough day all at the same time! Peach jam and cobbler....yumm!! Forehead stitches: OUCH. Poison ivy: ouch! Plantain and lavender essential oil would both help a lot! Have never had a kiddo (yet) get poison ivy!

    Now I want some cobbler and ice cream!


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