Spontaneous Swimming Party (Sort of)

Our flexible schedule has proven itself a blessing today.  Some friends announced that they were throwing an un-birthday party for their daughter this afternoon.  Anyone who wanted to could come swim for the afternoon at their house and have snacks and fun.

We had to arrange transportation for E13 to get to gymnastics, but that was doable.

We had to finish school by 11:30 am, but that was doable, too.

I had to get dinner in the crockpot, so it would be ready the minute we walked through the door tonight, but even that was doable (we had a veggie/meaty/pasta "bake").

So 6 kids and I drove the 50 miles it took to drop E13 off at a friend's house and up to the un-birthday party.  We had an exceedingly good time.

I1 had his very first lollipop . . . and his second . . . and his third . . . and so on.

It was hilarious to watch his face light up at each new color.  He'd suck on it for a few minutes and then search out a new color.  He'd take it out of his mouth, smile at me, shrug his shoulders in pleasure, and then suck on it again.

I think he tried 6 or 7 different colors--never finishing one, but loving them all.

A6 swam and swam and swam.

H3 was not really happy in the cold water, but she had fun with one of her little buddies.

The older girls had the social time of their lives.

E13 really enjoyed her day out and getting to have something different from the whole family.  Every once in a while, I find that to be a real blessing.

I'm really tired, and the girls still have their mid-week church activities, but it is a good tired.  The kind of tired that is worth working for.

I'm glad we got to go swimming today.


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