2017-18 End of Year Assessment and Transcript: Pixie

Pixie completed 11.25 credits in the 2016-17 school year.  Given that a complete high school year usually consists of 6 credits, Pixie worked her way through 9th grade and well into 10th.

This year she completed another 9.0 credits, completing both 10th and 11th grades, and starting grade 12--at least by credit count:
9th = 6
10th = 6
+ 11th = 6
Total = 18

Pixie:  11.25 + 9.0 = 20.25

The Transcript:

Symposium = 3
Math = 1
     Saxon Algebra 2 with Geometry and Trigonometry
Additional Language Arts = .5
     Literature reading and narration
     Fix It! Grammar:  Robin Hood
     Sequential Spelling volume 1
ASL = .25
     YouTube videos
Dance technique and performance = 1
Dance Internship = 1
     teaching, choreography, costume design, costume construction, and performance
     Apologia Internship for High School Credit
World Geography = .5
     The Travels of Marco Polo
     Daring to Hope 
Science = 1
     Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology
Religious Studies = .5
    Morning Meeting
    Scripture reading and journaling
Videography = .25
     Created 3 slide shows and videos using various online editing software
In addition to all of her for-credit work, Pixie kept up an active social life, worked up to 3 jobs at a time, served in church youth leadership positions, decorated birthday cakes, sewed costumes, took tons of photos, and has been a help in our home.

She's pulling away from us and into the world at large, but not in a negative way--it is wholly positive as she gains greater independence and exercises skills long taught at home to build her life.


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