Technology Has a Place in Our Homeschool

I think that the opponents of technology during school hours have a good case; I also think proponents of  technology during school hours have a good case.  I waffle back and forth philosophically over the issue, but in practical life, we use it.

My little guys play on of them have even learned their letters and sounds there.

My middle kids are currently working on memorizing their math facts with apps that drill them.

I use the computer to document our days.

Today we found ourselves with some time on our hands, too hot outside temperatures, and a cool DVD about caves.  All 7 kids and I settled onto the couch to watch.  We learned about caving, biospheres, microscopic life, and a bit about what scientists do.  The scenes were breathtaking; the scientists were inspiring.  We talked and talked about our reactions.

I can't think that watching that DVD together was a bad idea.

I'd just been wishing this very morning that school with my older kids created the same warm fuzzies that school with my little children does.  H3 and I made zucchini bread with home-grown zucchinis for lunch.  A6 and I played her favorite BINGO game.  I1 went outside with a big sister to water the garden--he got to control the hose while she picked blackberries.  He came in sopping wet and happier than happy as he tried to tell me all about his adventures.

The same experiences aren't happening so much with my older kids.  But watching and discussing that DVD gave me some warm fuzzies.  My usually recalcitrant teen was bug-eyed with wonder.  My uber-cool pre-teens shed some of their uber-cool in favor of asking genuine questions.

It was fun.

And educational.

I'm sold. 

Technology--we're using it.


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