And the First Day is Here

Today is Sunday--not a school day--but we started our school year anyway.

We wrote letters after church this afternoon.  I required 2 from each of the older 4 girls and 1 from the 2 little girls.  I sat and wrote right alongside them all.  The littlest fellow napped.

It was a whopping success.  H3 drew a picture of her Grandpa and herself and printed "I love you Grandpa Chad" across the top.  A6 told me what she wanted to say; I wrote it out for her; and she copied it then drew a picture.  I was charmed to see that she included a note to her Grandpa's dog.

E13 didn't want me to read her letters, but I told her I needed to read them and help her edit them.  She conceded and was relieved to only have 1 or 2 spelling and punctuation corrections in each letter.  She expected a disaster, but it actually built up her confidence.

All of the letters made me smile.  What fun it will be if we get letters in return!!

I'm a lot more tired than I would be had I let everyone disappear downstairs to watch a video while I read a book, but I'm a lot happier, too.  I can tell that keeping this up will be work, but I'm counting on this first successful day to inspire me to do it again next week.

And I'm glad that I paused to write this, because in writing I am reminded that I should photocopy their letters and save them in their binders!

The other start to our year will take place in Family Home Evening tonight.  S11 and J9 are happily making chocolate chip cookies together upstairs (and have been for nearly an hour!).  While they've worked, I've printed out pretty copies of Moroni 7:45-48 to use as our theme for the year (I was inspired by this post.).  Tonight we'll read it together, briefly discuss the meaning, and play a little game in which we sit in a circle and toss a ball to one another while saying something nice about each person.  It may be a slightly forced/false activity, but I think it will at least get us thinking.

We're going to read/recite these verses mostly daily for our entire semester (or even school year) as part of our morning devotional.  I'm also going to assign the older 4 girls to participate in morning devotionals by presenting a scripture one day a week.  If they each have a day, that leaves me with a day, and we'll have some really nice sharing--I hope. :)

I still have to re-organize chores, and I'm not sure exactly what tomorrow is going to look like, but I have a general idea . . . for now, that will have to be enough.


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