Going Home

Today is the day we head home from our 3 week super-vacation in the west.  We've celebrated a wedding, a baby blessing, and a birthday; we've attended family reunions; we've driven across country completely new to us; we've renewed friendships; we've gone surfing!

It is time to face school again.

I have such mixed feelings. Partly because our house hasn't sold yet, partly because I'm newly pregnant with baby #8, partly because we've been so out of the schooling loop I don't even know where to begin.

I know these things:
*I miss preschool with H3 and she misses it too.  We'll pick up where we left off of the plans I made for her last year.
*I miss school with A6 and she misses it too.  She's a full-fledged reader now.  She doesn't need much more than encouragement from me, but we can do some school as an excuse to be together--a little reading, writing, and spelling with some math games thrown in for fun.
*I want to start the little girls' breakfast devotionals again--but how to do that around our current too-small table?
*I want to just finish the last 20 sessions of reading/journaling the OT with my older girls and then move on!
*E13 is showing marked talent for design--I must find a way to encourage that.
*E13 wants to go to BYU but she has so very much to do to get there in 5 years.
*I want more self-directed work for my older 4 ages 9, 11, 11, and 13
*I really, really, really miss reading aloud at night even though Daddy works nights and I do all of the tucking in myself.  We must get back in the habit somehow . . . I'm seeking inspiration on this one!
*Unit studies feel so interesting right now . . .

That's all for the moment.

More to come.


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