How Much Voice?

This morning we gathered for Morning Meeting to prepare for our school day.  J9 is still angry about her reading book--she's cooperating, but barely.  As she voiced her frustration, the other girls all had suggestions for how to make the experience better.

So did I.

The other girls all talked at once in a jumbled, hurly-burly, impossible to understand mess.

I raised my voice firmly above theirs and demanded silence.

Order was restored; I spoke my piece; we moved on.

It was only minutes later that a little voice spoke in my head, "Why did you have to be the boss?  Why were your words more important?  Why didn't you let the other girls speak?  What if (E13) had just the right motivating words and you shut them off?"

I think that voice has a point. 

My personal goal in treating my children with greater charity is that I will listen more.  I believe that parents need to be the voice of authority at home, but not a dominating, bossy, selfish voice.  I will listen and learn--just like the kids.

We'll all be happier for it.


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