A Bit of Inspiration

I've been thinking more about homeschooling this year.  We just spent 24 hours in the car driving home from our trip out west.

There was a lot of time to think.

To ponder.

Here are ideas that are important to me:

*Letter writing.  We just renewed friend and family relationships.  What a perfect time to work on letter writing!  I think Sunday afternoons will be letter writing times.  I'll invest in a bunch of stamps and envelopes so that we won't have any excuses.  And the kids can email, too.

*I need "available" time each day.  I tend to overfill my day with tasks.  I'm going to be sure to block out 30-60 minutes each afternoon to simply be available to answer questions, run errands, listen, and otherwise help my family with what is important to them.

*E13 needs karate lessons.

*I still think that small unit studies might be the way to go . . . especially as we're hoping our home will sell and we'll get to move soon.  We're facing a great deal of upheaval, and small, discrete study units may be the way to go until we're facing a stretch of steadiness again.


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