How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World Unit Study--Days 3, 4, 5

Day 3—Italy
Read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
Get passport “stamps”
Color map of Italy and find Italy on world map
Learn Italian phrases [body parts and food words] with Youtube video by Silvia
Look at pictures online of Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, and Italian countryside
Read “Buried Treasure” [a story from Italy] from Usborne Stories from Around the World
If there is time look at pictures of Sistine Chapel—can we paint upside down like Michaelangelo?
**We did not get to paint, but the girls loved the pictures of the Sistine Chapel!

Day 4
Reread story
Read The Little Red Hen
Read When Batistine Made Bread
Color in wheat growth chart
Look at wheat grains—make “seed” art
Sprout wheat
**We did not color in our wheat growth chart, nor did we make seed art.

Day 5
Check on our wheat—is it sprouting?
Color wheat page that we didn’t have time for during our last lesson
Reread story
Train puzzle
**Our wheat is not sprouting yet, but we found that we had time to print and glue in our France passport stamps and look at pictures of Paris.  We also recited our favorite parts of Madeline by Ludwid Bemelmans.


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