Halloween at the Zoo

Our cousin had a fever and chills, so our Halloween party was cancelled.

What to do with seven disappointed children on Halloween?

Go to the zoo!

So we did.

We packed some cheese and crackers, grabbed our jackets, and hopped in the van.

 It was that easy.

The sun was shining and the temperature reached 62 degrees--perfect.

Our zoo has a sky ride across "African" plains.  We took advantage of it.  I secured I.11 in the sling, held H3 tightly in my arms, assigned A5 to sit quietly with M10, told the other 3 to be good, and up into the air we soared.

It was that easy.

I was worried about having 2 little ones so high in the air in such an unsecured environment, but H3 has grown up a great deal in the 6 months that have recently passed.  She sat quietly, and I.11 was content to be out of the stroller, close to me, so I had opportunity to breathe and relax.

It was so quiet up so high.

The wonders of God's creations spread below us.

After some moments of quiet contemplation H3 turned to me, eyes wide, and said, "We are up with the birds!"

She felt the wonder, too.

We smiled in shared joy.


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