Antarctica Day 5

In spite of the fact that I haven't reported on Days 3 and 4 I'm so delighted with what is happening right now on Day 5 that I want to write before I forget.

Today is Iceberg/Glacier day.  We copied Isaiah 1:18, read about glaciers, took notes, watched videos of icebergs calving, and now the girls are making ice sculptures.  E12 wanted to divvy up the pieces of ice and make her own, but I insisted that this be a cooperative venture.

I was nervous.

Cooperation has not been E12's forte of late.

But upstairs 4 girls are creative and cooperatively building an ice sculpture!  Happy voices, good ideas, even shared leadership are all taking place.

I love the sound of, "Hey guys!  What about this!" answered with, "Oh yeah!  I like that!"

And that's what I'm hearing today.

And we also built our hydroponic growing tubes out of old water/soda bottles, shredded paper (recycled bank statements and medical reports), and cut up cloth dish towels.  Tomorrow we're planting our sprouts . . . I just have to buy some liquid fertilizer first.


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