Bible Stories--Years of Reading Aloud Bear "Fruit"

This morning early I handed the kids each a cup of leftover snack mix--cereal, pretzels, peanuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, etc.

Why not?

They liked it, and we were in need of a lazy Sunday morning.

Mostly they dumped it out on the table, organized it by item, and began wheeling and dealing for trades.

When that got boring, the fun began; S10 began reenacting Bible stories.

A stick pretzel propped up in a Cheerio became Goliath calling the Israelites cowards, and a raisin David answered the challenge.

A peanut King Solomon picked up a raisin baby and told two larger raisins that he could solve the problem by cutting the baby in half.  One mother selfishly turned her wrinkled back on the baby, but the other fell on her face offering her heart to allow the baby to live.

A white chocolate chip wearing a Cheerio hovered over a peanut named Joseph Smith saying as it pointed to another halo-wearing morsel, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased . . ."

Later the peanut Joseph related his vision to a tiny raisin Lucy Mack Smith.

Joshua, made of 2 small pieces of dried papaya and a raisin, carried a pretzel staff as he led the peanut Israelites in their march around Jericho.

Another peanut became Daniel praying faithfully in spite of the edict uttered by a pretzel named Darius.  Dried pineapple lions prowled threateningly.

A pretzel with a slightly melted chocolate chip head spoke with Moses' voice to another pretzel called Pharaoh, "Let my people go!"

And so the fun continued until hunger ended the play.


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